The HETISH pattern is called pop Hetish patterns. Hetish is also a geographical area where geometric patterns for embroidery were created.

A rich repertoire of designed motifs, where we sometimes see the origin from nature, but where there are strictly geometric compositions.

We have a wide range of embroidered decorations on textile products, and by following the rules of designing Hittite patterns, new motifs can be created again and again.


Kopalke Hetish
Hetish swimsuit

Hetish bikini swimwear is intended for all women who have an exceptional sense of aesthetics and appreciate originality, but at the same time comfort and well-being are important to them. White bikinis are adorned with a beautiful pattern modeled on Hittite embroidery, our cultural heritage. This gives the swimsuit a special charm and elegance. The swimsuit is tied with a string around the neck and on the back. The material is very comfortable and pleasant to the touch. They are available in as many as 8 ready-to-wear numbers, as every woman deserves a beautiful swimsuit in which they will feel beautiful and seductive.


Material: 83 % nylon, 17 % spandex

Color: White

Sample: Hetish

Weight: 130 grams

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Predpasnik Hetish
Hetish apron

Preparing delicious dishes in a white Hetish apron will be even more enjoyable and safer.
The apron will not only protect your clothes from stains, but give you a sense of comfort
and enchanted you with an aesthetically perfect look. You will be thrilled with his
functionality thanks to the two large front pockets where you will store it
the things you need most. The biggest specialty of this apron is its majestic
a pattern with geometric figures of blue and red, modeled on Hittite embroidery.
With it, you will delight everyone who has a demanding taste and appreciates our folk tradition.

Material: 70% polyester, 30% cotton
Color: White
Special features: 2 front pockets
Sample: Hetish
Features: Door opening, 2 straps
Weight: 0.25 kg

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